Glowco is a natural beauty and eco lifestyle family business. They are on a mission to share their love for exceptional quality, non-toxic, organic, sustainable, cruelty free and Australian made products. They create content on Instagram, their blog, and vlog on Youtube. They are excited about launching their online store, eco beauty workshops and an online course later in 2018.

Milly and Alex live in the picturesque Adelaide foothills abundant with gumtrees, native flowers and wildlife, an incredible place to draw inspiration from. Long walks and talks in the Belair national park together with two dogs and two little boys in tow has certainly helped bring the Glowco dream to reality.

Milly is an eco makeup and visual artist. For as long as she can remember, her studio has been her happy place to fuel a positive mindset, develop creative ideas, paint her heart out and make her makeup artistry clients feel naturally beautiful inside and out.

Outside of the studio Milly has spent the last 15 years working for large international cosmetics brands. Through this time she became really picky when choosing cosmetics and personal care products for her family, clients and herself. She became expertly educated on what goes on behind the scenes of the beauty industry, the good bad and the ugly.

She is now 100% committed to living a green beauty lifestyle and supports local brands as much as she can. She wants everyone to experience the positive impacts of the green beauty movement on the environment, animals, communities, our health and wellbeing.

Alex from LucidityOfOne is the second half of Glowco and is a South Australian born and based photographer, hiker, explorer and traveller who constantly endeavours to capture and experience the world from a unique perspective. His photos and videos can be found on Glowco and LucidityOfOne social media channels.

​From the sunrises of Angkor Wat Cambodia to dark urban / industrial landscapes, his travels and photographic explorations have taken him on amazing journeys of self-discovery and wonder.

​Sustainability and eco conscious living has become an extremely important journey in his life that he continue to see grow and evolve, helping him to discover, experience and create. He enjoys the freedom of being, living and sharing while minimising his footprint on our very beautiful yet fragile environment.

​Throughout his journeys, he has met many amazing likeminded people. He would love nothing more than to share his story and continue to learn with you.

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