Agerasia Brand Ambassador

Lisa Marie Radler is a well-being influencer from Queensland. Lisa is passionate about her health and sharing her well-being journey with her following. She is an inspiring woman who has taken charge of her life and transformed herself.  Lisa is a mother of three who hopes to guide others towards a positve change in discovering concious beauty and authentic well-being from the inside out.

Being a mother of three busy boys, Lisa has challenged herself and reached unbelievable goals. She has lost 40kgs through her own lifestyle changes and is determined to push herself to remain active for her boys. She hopes that her journey will encourage and empower all woman to live a healthy lifestyle.  You can follow her journey, be inspired and find real advise through Lisa’s social media links.

Lisa is studying Wellness and Health to become a coach to support those who they really struggling with their well-being.  Lisa has become Agerasia’s Brand Ambassador to truely encourage woman to look after their skin and body through healthy lifestyle, nutrition and natural skincare.

“I fell in love with Agerasia, I’m passionate about supporting a natural brand that aids in our ability to make a concious decision in our daily beauty regime.”

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