Increase your well-being and happiness by cultivating your gratitude. Gratitude has become placed in the spotlight of recent and we all want to get on board the gratitude train.

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

So, what exactly is Gratitude?

It is the emotional state of appreciation for what you have.
It is right now, in this present moment and not what has been or is to come.
It isn’t materialistic or consumer-driven of what you ‘want’
It is simply a thank you and a sigh of happiness

So, what can you be grateful for?

Your absolute existence on this wonderful universe
How your past has taught you lessons
For being here right now in this moment
For the surprise of what your future has in store
Your loved ones
Your friends
Your pets
A place to sleep that is warm
The food you eat
The laughter you’ve experienced
Your goals and the excitement it brings
Moments that are to come
A special place you love to visit

So now you can see that gratitude is positive psychology.

So, how can you express being grateful?

  • Simply provide a response of gratitude to those who have helped you. Actions which deserve your gratitude could be your spouse cooking you dinner. A friend who checks to see if you are ok. Or a colleague who has completed a share of your workload
  • Keep a gratitude journal, write down a small list of things that have happened each day that were wonderful experiences-make your journal super colourful and fun
  • When you wake up, simply say ‘thank you’
  • Practice Naikan, a form of self-reflective meditation

Express your gratitude today and draw beauty into your life.