Learn the simplicity of a daily skin care regime. This will give you the ultimate results from your skincare products. There is just so much information available that it all just becomes too overwhelming.  Learn from an experienced skin therapist, the absolute truth of what you need to do each day for optimum results and why.

Begin with cleansing

Cleansing the skin will remove toxins and pollutants, which are airborne, and clear out your pores. Airborne pollutants are free radicals that have weak chemical structures and try to become more stable by using our electrons to form a complete structure. When they steal our electrons to become more stable they make our skin weaker. Our skin is then prone to enlarged pores from collagen break down, pigmentation damage, discolouring and so much more.
Makeup left on the skin blocks the pores and also holds onto these polllutants.
Most cleansers are now made with incredable nourishing ingredients to revive the nutrient level of the skin, so while you wash away the grime you are also feeding the skin’s layers.

Why cleanse twice?

The first cleanse removes the dirt layer on the skin’s surface, whilst the second cleanses the pores and allows the products’ nutrients to enter straight through the layers.

  • Cleanse X2 early morning
  • Cleanse X2 in the evening before bed

Toning is optional!!!

In the earlier days, soaps were used as cleansers for the face. These left a film of residue on the skin and a toner was used to remove the residue. Bring in 2018 and are we not, soooo much more advanced then those times?

Toners, like the name, are a tonic. They mainly contain a nasty concoction of alcohol, water, colouring and acids. They are very astringent, meaning they have a high alcohol percentage and this can strip those beautiful, natural oils you need to maintain a healthy acid mantle and a balanced PH level.

Use of a toner can really upset an already compromised skin type like rosasae or dehydration.
Today we have a lot of ‘toners’ in the means of flower waters like rose water sprays. Some are filled with good acids, we need to reduce bacteria related to acne, or to encourage healthy cellular turn over by removing dead skin cells which is especially important for an aged, dry skin.

Our, ‘toner’  should be better named, but there are still some with high alcohol content.
Personally, I would skip this step and use a natural flower water to uplift the skin or refresh the face on a hot day.

  • Dampen two cotton rounds and add a drop of toner to them
  • Spray a refreshing ‘toner’ at any stage of the day to uplift your mood and refresh the skin


Serums are for everyone, no matter what your skin type is, there is an appropriate serum for you.
There are four beneficial ingredients different serums can contain, yes you can layer your serum or even treat certain areas with a different one. The four ingredients are vitamin A, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5.

Most serums contain a beautiful array of pure botanical oils which are nutrient rich. I would definitely recommend you to have a skin consultation for your individual advised serum.

  • Use in the morning, apply to the face, neck and decollatage, avoid the eye area
  • Repeat each evening

Eye Cream/ Gel

I would suggest you to only use an eye cream around the orbital bone (eye socket) area. Serums and moisturisers are far too dense in molecular structure. They can cause milia in the eye area which are small, white, hard particles that become trapped over time.

New information has also shown an increase in eyelid surgeries due to the application of eye creams being applied to the eyelid. The gravitational pull with a heavy cream weight is too much in this delicate area.

So please only apply your eye cream to the underneath and sides.

  • Apply in the morning to the sides of the eye and underneath
  • Repeat this step at night
  • You only need the tiniest amount, half the size of a pea

Moisturiser/ Cream

Moisturisers have a similar concept to serums, where they have the purpose of treating a condition and also they are suitable for every single different skin type. They are your very last step to mastering your skin care regime.

Moisturisers and creams are generally known to have very interesting science inside which releases moisture particles to each layer of your skin during the day. Some also contain nutrient rich oils to supple even the driest of skin types.

Where as a serum will work at a much deeper layer in the skin, a moisturiser will work the surface to improve the texture of skin.

  • Make sure you apply your moisturiser as your last skin care regime step, in the morning
  • Repeat this step at night
  • Please do not forget your neck and décolletage area

Always complete your morning regime with a natural sunscreen over the top.