Helichrysum Essential Oil

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Helichrysum Essential oil, otherwise known as Evarlasing Essential oil or immortelle Essential oil is distilled from the flowering tps of Helichrysum italicum plant- a perennial herb that produces golden yellow flowers and is native to the mediterranean region (including Greece Spain France and Italy)

Highly valuedfor its significant therapeutic skin care and health benefits

In skin care , Helichrysum oil has a reputation that is almost unsurpas by any other ,and is particularly well valued for its anti-agingbenefits for promoting a youthful glowing complection and healthy skin regeneration

Helichrysum  oil also boasts powerfull  benefits for your emotions, and is particulary helpful in diffusing anger

Helichrysum Essential oil blends well with Bergamot ,Cedarwood,Clary sage  Ginger ,Juniper Berry ,Lavender, MandarinRosmary , and most Floral and Citrus essential oils


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